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Bosch PLE-1MA120 120Watt Plena Mixer Amplifier, 50Hz-20kHz Frequency Response, Charcoal

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About Bosch PLE-1MA120

The Bosch PLE-1MA030 120Watt Plena Mixer Amplifier has high performance, professional public address units with modern state-of-the-art features. They are easy to use, taking the complexity away from the user and putting it where it belongs, inside the equipment. Providing a crisp call or clear music is as easy as turning on the radio. The amplifier is also surprisingly affordable, without sacrificing features such as ducking, priority and flexibility.

Microphone and line inputs
All mic/line inputs can be switched between microphone level and line level sensitivity. The inputs are balanced but can be used unbalanced. Phantom power can be switched on to provide power to condenser microphones. Input channels 1 and 2 can take priority over all other microphone and music inputs. Input 1 can be activated by contact closure on the PTT (push to talk). A 2-tone chime can be configured to precede an announcement. Input 2 can be switched automatically if a signal is fed to the input, i.e., if someone speaks into the microphone (VOx activation).

When one or both inputs are configured to have priority, the amount of attenuation of the RCA input, can be set between -2 dB (little attenuation) or -infinity dB (mute). This provides a talk-over or voice-over function. Input channels 1 and 2 also feature selectable speech filters to enhance the clarity of announcements.

Music inputs
Separate music inputs are available with their own input selector and volume control. The user can choose a music source like a CD player or radio (like the PLN-DVDT) and set the level of music.

Personalized settings
More unique features are available such as detachable labels where the user can write the names for inputs, music sources and zones. These labels can then be mounted on the front, protected by the clear window. Another useful feature is to indicate preferred settings on the front panel by inserting colored pins at the preset levels of all knobs. You can then instruct a user to set all the controls to the silver pins to configure the system for their particular use. A second user can set all controls to the red pins for their configuration.

A telephone / 70 V emergency input with VOx activation is provided for easy integration with another PA system or a telephone paging system. It has its own preset volume control and overrides all other inputs, including call station and inputs 1 and 2. The unit also has a line output to add amplifiers for larger systems with more output power. This output can be switched to music only, for example, so that music on holdcan be provided for the telephone system.

The mixer amplifiers come in 30, 60 and 120 Watt output power options. This power is directly available on 25/70 V constant voltage connections and on a low impedance connection for a 4 ohm load. Moreover, the amplifiers have a separate 70 V call-only output channel for addressing areas where only priority announcements are required. The call-only output can also be used for 3-wire remote, volume control override.

Output status
An LED VU meter displays the master output level. A headphone jack socket, below the VU meter, provides the mixer output signal. For total reliability and ease of use, a limiter is integrated into the output stage to restrict output if the user applies too much signal. Bosch PLE-1MA120 120Watt

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