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Arrakis Systems DARC Surface 12 Digital Broadcast Console (DARC Virtual software & Dante audio sources required)

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AoIP for Everyone.

Audio over IP does not need to be complicated or expensive. With the DARC Surface, you can control any Dante network audio source. Mix, adjust levels, everything you need for an On-Air or production room console.

Meet DARC Surface, an intuitive, powerful Dante enabled Digital Console. It is a powerful mixing console that can control any source on your Dante AoIP network.

Designed to be easy to setup, and use. Yet flexible and powerful for your needs today, and tomorrow.

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Stock Status Available to Buy
Manufacturer Arrakis Systems
Mfr Part No DARC-SUR-12
Refundable / Cancelable? Yes

DARC Digital AoIP Console                                 

DARC Surface. Digital Console. Flexible and powerful.

LED Meters - two pairs of bright, 20 segment stereo bargraph LED VU Meters.

No More RF - No audio is ran through the DARC Surface, and Simple IP uses

balanced inputs & outputs which excel in high RF environments.

Socketed IC's - all ic's are socketed for ease of service. The main processor is also

swappable if damaged.

OLED Displays - each channel has a dedicated high resolution OLED display.

This shows what source is currently selected on the channel.


Remote Control from Anywhere. Connect and Control.

Windows Based  - Any remote access software is capable of controlling your DARC unit. This means that you can turn channels on/off, control volume, etc, from anywhere you have an internet connection. Whether from your phone, your home PC, you are in control.


Dante & AES67. AoIP done right.

Dante  - DARC Surface utilizes the Dante audio networking protocol. This protocol has hundreds of manufacturers, and is world recognized.

AES67 - Dante utilizes AES67, which allows you to connect any AES67 enabled device.

Dante Virtual Soundcard - The Dante Virtual Sound card is included in the price, and enables you to put ASIO sources from your PC to the Dante network.

Dante Controller - Is a free software from Dante, that allows you to route input and output audio on your Dante local network.

Dante AVIO- The Dante AVIO hardware are extremely affordable input and output adapters. Quickly and easily connect any analog or digital hardware device, and stream the audio to the Dante network.

More details can be found here:


2 Stereo output buses. Program & Audition with mono mixdowns.

Active balanced - All outputs & inputs are active balanced on Simple IP hardware.

Stereo or Mono - Both stereo & mono outputs for 2 output buses on Simple IP hardware.

Listen - Monitor, Cue & Headphone output to cue and talk to callers off air.


3 types of Inputs. More options, more power.

1 - 16 Mic Channel - Your choice, your configuration. Simply connect your mics to the Simple IP inputs. Each Simple IP box allows you to connect up to 4 mic channels. Channels are software assignable.

Stereo Line level Channel - Using Simple IP, the stereo input channels are appropriate for source devices like CD players, MP3 players, network feeds, etc. With balanced inputs, it allows you to safely connect to sources, that are originated in other studios, where the long wiring could introduce hum & noise.

Telephone Channel - Easily connect to an external telephone hybrid using Simple IP. The caller can talk to you through the Cue system while a 'Push to Talk' button in the software enables the first mic to talk off-line to the caller.


Phone line system. Connect your phone hybrid to Simple IP for a powerful phone system.

Phone Channel - dedicate a channel to easily connects to an external telephone hybrid.

Talkback Cue System - the caller can talk to you through the Cue system while a Talkback button enables the Control Room mic to talk off-line to the caller.


Analog RJ45 or Digital XLR. Flexible for you.

Simple IP 8A - Has RJ45 analog inputs and outputs.

Simple IP 8D - Has XLR, AES3 digital inputs and outputs.


Windows & Touchscreen Compatible. DARC Virtual Console.

Windows - DARC Virtual Console works with the Windows OS. See the support page to view the required specs.

Touchscreen - Use any Windows OS based touchcreen with the DARC Virtual Console. DARC is specifically designed to be easy to use with touchscreens.


Low Profile Design. Defining what attractive is.

Modern & Timeless - The ARC series has a modern low profile & sleek design that is timeless.


110 or 220VAC. Autosensing international power supply.

Autosensing - power supply autosenses between 110 & 220 VAC for domestic or international installations.



Check out our brochures for more information.




Surface 8

Depth - 15 inches - 381mm

Height - 6 inches - 153mm

Width - 19 inches - 483mm


Surface 12

Depth - 15 inches - 381mm

Height - 6 inches - 153mm

Width -


Surface 16

Depth - 15 inches - 381mm

Height - 6 inches - 153mm

Width -



Surface 8

Weight - 40 pounds - 18kg

Depth - 37 inches - 940mm

Height - 19 inches - 483mm

Width - 12 inches - 305mm

*These values may change at any time without notice.



Surface 8, 12 or 16 Console

Operations Manual

Power Supply (110V / 220V auto-sensing)

RCA audio cable

RJ45 cable  (qty 4)

USB cable

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