Holosonics X-Series Audio Spotlight (Directional) Speaker

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Product Features:

  • 100% Increase in Audio Output
  • A Wider Range of Lower Frequencies
  • Hear Sounds More Clearly
  • Safe, Touchless Audio Experience
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The New X-Series Audio Spotlight Speakers By Holosonics

Directional Sound System

The Audio Spotlight is a revolutionary new audio technology that creates sound in a narrow beam, just like light. Aim the flat, thin speaker panel to your desired listening area, and provide all of the sound and none of the noise.™

Since 2000, thousands of Audio Spotlight systems have been installed in a wide range of applications around the world. From museums, exhibits, kiosks, and digital signage to retail stores and special projects, hundreds of companies have chosen this unique, patented technology to provide high-quality, precisely controlled sound, while preserving the quiet.

2X More Output

X-Series Audio Spotlight delivers a 100% increase in audio output level, enabling listeners to hear sounds clearly in more environments.

A Wider Range of Lower Frequencies

A wider range of lower frequencies with improved overall sound quality.

Hear Sounds More Clearly

100% increase in audio output level allows enabling listeners to hear sound clearly.

Safe, Touchless Audio Experience

Audio Spotlight sound beaming technology provides a safe, sanitary, and touchless interactive audio solution for museum exhibits, hospital rooms, libraries, airports, retail stores, visitor centers, and kiosks, just to name a few. Our no-touch sound beaming device with Bluetooth and motion sensor options eliminate the need for people in public spaces to use inferior devices such as headphones, handsets, or listening wands that have been repeatedly handled by other users.


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