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CRESTRON HD-TX-301-C-E Transmitter & 3x1 Auto-Switcher

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DM Lite – HDMI® over CATx Transmitter & 3x1 Auto-Switcher w/2x HDMI plus VGA & Analog Audio, Surface Mount

Pairs with a DM Lite receiver to provide a simple point-to-point signal extender for HDMI® signals up to UHD and 4K. Provides auto-switching HDMI (x2), VGA, and stereo analog audio inputs.

The HD-TX-301-C-E is a surface-mountable DM Lite transmitter designed to pair with a DM Lite receiver to form a point-to-point signal extender for HDMI® signals. The DM Lite family of products offers a very simple and versatile solution for extending HD, UHD, 2K, and 4K video signals, with stereo or surround sound audio, over a single CAT5e (or better) cable. A cable length of up to 230 ft (70 m) is supported for HD 1080p, WUXGA, and 2K signals, or up to 130 ft (40 m) for UHD and 4K.[1]

The HD-TX-301-C-E includes two HDMI inputs plus one VGA input. The VGA input is accompanied by a stereo analog audio input. Auto-switching between the HDMI and VGA inputs affords plug-and-play simplicity. Manual input selection is also available via individual buttons on the unit. The VGA input can accept RGB and component video signals by using an appropriate breakout cable or adapter (not included). The audio input is selected in tandem with the VGA input, and can be used by itself with no video source connected. It cannot be paired with the HDMI video input however.

Note: When paired with an HD-RX-201-C-E receiver, input selection can be controlled remotely through integration with a Crestron® control system.

The HD-TX-301-C-E is designed to mount on a flat surface beneath a table, behind a credenza, or inside a podium. It can also be attached to a single rack rail in the back of an equipment cabinet. When powered using the provided wall mount power pack, the HD-TX-301-C-E also supplies power to the connected receiver over the link cable. Alternately, a power pack may be connected to the receiver, which in turn supplies power to the HD-TX-301-C-E over the link cable.[2]

For a complete tabletop interface solution with easy pull-out cables and simple one-touch control, a single TT-100 series Crestron Connect It™ Cable Caddy may be installed in the table and connected to the HD-TX-301-C-E mounted below.

Important: This product is not addressable from a control system and offers no programmable functionality except when paired with an HD-RX-201-C-E receiver. Otherwise, AV and CEC signals are simply passed through between the transmitter and receiver. The RJ45 link port on this product is exclusively intended for linking with a single DM Lite receiver. It should not be used to connect to any other equipment or network. DM Lite is not compatible with PoE, PoDM, DigitalMedia 8G+® (DM 8G+®), or HDBaseT®.

Key Features
  • Pairs with a DM Lite receiver to provide a simple point-to-point signal extender and switcher
  • Enables extension of HDMI® video and audio signals
  • Also converts and extends VGA and analog audio signals
  • Auto-switches between two HDMI inputs and one VGA input
  • Works with the optional TT-100 series Crestron Connect It™ Cable Caddy
  • Links to the receiver via a single CAT5e (or better) twisted pair cable [1]
  • Supports 4K and UHD at up to 130 ft (40 m)
  • Supports HD 1080p, WUXGA, and 2K at up to 230 ft (70 m)
  • Handles 4K video resolutions up to 4K60 4:2:0 and 4K30 4:4:4
  • Handles 3D video and Deep Color
  • Supports Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby Atmos®, DTS HD®, DTS:X®, and uncompressed 7.1 linear PCM audio
  • Compatible with HDMI, DVI, and Dual-Mode DisplayPort sources [3]
  • Compatible with VGA, RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, and YPbPr component sources up to HD 1080p and WUXGA [4]
  • HDCP 1.4 compliant
  • Passes CEC and EDID signals
  • Allows control system integration when paired with an HD-RX-201-C-E receiver
  • Low-profile surface mount design
  • Universal 100-240V power pack included [2]
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