Clear-Com G24589-1 RAK850 Remote Antenna Kit


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The RAK850 Remote Antenna Kit allows you to relocate antennas away from the PRO850 base station for areas that experience RF reflection and dropouts. At times your professional audio equipment has to be located in areas that experience RF reflections and dropouts resulting from the excessive metal in the building. The RAK850 Remote Antenna Kit helps overcome these environmental issues by relocating base station antennas to remote locations. This solution changes the transmission and reception patterns to overcome problem areas - extending the range and reception of the HME PRO850 Wireless Intercom System. The RAK850 includes a 30 foot cable with BNC connectors at both ends and a ground-plane surface (round metal disk) which is fitted with a thru-the-chassis BNC connector. For situations in which both antennas (RX and TX) have to be relocated, two RAK850 Remote Antenna Kits are required. Features: Easy Installation: The RAK850 Remote Antenna Kit is easy to install and quickly put into operation. No special tools other than the components of the antenna kit and an Allen wrench are required for installation. Extended Range: Extending one or both of the PRO850 antennas to a remote location away from the base station helps eliminate unwanted RF reflections and drop outs and improves system performance. Flexible & Low Cost: When your PRO850 communicators are experiencing communication problems, the RAK850 remedies the situation with a simple, low cost solution that protects the integrity of your audio operations. What's in the Box: 1-30 Foot (9.14 meter) cable with male BNC connector 1-Ground Plane Surface (round metal disk) with bulkhead BNC adapter Installation Instructions
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