Bosch Concentus Multi-Functional Delegate Unit, Charcoal

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About Bosch Delegate Unit

The top-of-the-range, multi-functional delegate unit meets the demands of even the largest conferences. It provides facilities for speaking, registering a request to-speak, registering a request-to-respond, listening, voting, selecting language channels, chip card reading and displaying conference and user-related information. It has low susceptibility to interference from mobile phones. It is stylistically and functionally similar to the DCN-CONCS Delegate Unit with Channel Selector, but also includes a chip card reader and a graphic display with backlighting.

Low susceptibility to mobile phones
Compact, attractive delegate unit
Built-in, fold-away, flat-panel loudspeaker
Five voting buttons
Cable connections located underneath the unit

When a chip card is inserted into the card reader, the graphic LCD screen automatically displays user-related information in the language assigned to the delegate chip card. The graphic LCD screen has permanent backlighting and can display characters from complex European languages or icon-based-scripts such as Chinese. Channel selection is automatically limited to the number of language channels available. The flat panel loudspeaker offers superior acoustics with minimal feedback, so increasing intelligibility. When the unit is not being used, the loudspeaker panel conveniently folds down.


Controls and Indicators
Channel selector with channel number display with back lighting and channel select keys (up/down)
Headphone volume control on each side of the unit
Graphic LCD screen. Typical displays include:
Button description
Multi-lingual user instructions
Information on the number of current speakers
Request-to-speak information and confirmation
Voting results
Remaining/elapsed speech time
Public and personal messages
Additional user information
Five button with LED indicators (for use in combination with the graphic LCD screen). The soft buttons can provide users with display information such as messages, conference- and microphone user related information. Depending on the application software the five soft buttons can be used as voting buttons with confirmation indicators (yellow LEDs), enabling the user to register:
PRESENT, YES(+), NO (-), ABSTAIN (x), (parliamentary voting)
Numerals: 1 to 5 (multiple choice or opinion poll voting)
Rating scale: - -, - 0, +, ++ (audience response)
Identification and access control by card reader with or without PIN
Built-in fold-away flat-panel loudspeaker, automatically muted if a microphone is on
Microphone 'on/off' or 'Request-to-speak' button
'Microphone on' indicator at the top of the loudspeaker
Tri-color indicator above the microphone button:
Red microphone on indicator
Green 'Request-to-speak' confirmation indicator
Yellow 'VIP' indicator. 'VIP' is lit when the delegate unit is part of the notebook, which is only available when PC control software is used

Socket for pluggable microphone
2m (78.7") cable terminated in a molded six-pole circular connector
Socket for external microphone or headset microphone
Six-pole circular connector for loop-through connections
Eight-pole modular jack connector for Intercom Handset LBB 3555/00 and external present and fraud contact e.g., fingerprint reader
Left and right 3.5mm (0.14") stereo jack type headphones sockets
Connection 3.5mm (0.14") for external microphone or stereo jack type headset microphone

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Stock StatusIn Stock / This is a clearance item. Ships in 2-4 weeks.
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