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Why EproAV?

When I joined the team at Ateksis I knew that I’m up to a huge challenge. Electronics and professional equipment market is very large but at the same time very much dominated and almost in the monopoly of few big players.

To be succesful

To be successful in today’s market regardless of the industry you are in, having a story and a vision is a most. I have been working professionally in Film & Broadcast industry for 14 years now. I knew exactly what people like me would look for when they have a project. Robots, answering machine, automatic mail replies are the nightmares when you need support right-away.

Pro AV and Broadcast Has Changed

Pro AV and Broadcast technology has changed radically in the last 5 years. The rise of Digital Media and internet speed has put TV in the corner. However creating content is still the main objective regardless of the output platform. Podcaster, Youtubers and Social Media Activists are looking for cost effective solutions that could make them shine on the wide web. Broadcasters are looking for modern, flexible, cost effective solutions to make a difference on their outputs as well.

A creative or technical personal always faces deadlines and goals to achieve and it requires design and list of equipments, solutions to choose, different options of companies out there that sale similar products. This would make it harder for them to think while focusing on the main goal.

I want to make the Professional Audio Video industry sales revolutionized by giving the right advice and solutions to prospects at the right time. So that they do not worry about all the distractions while they need to focus on their project. Because the most important is our Client and their projects. Accessibility, approachability and flexibility is out strategy.

Here at Ateksis our goal is to make EproAV.com the destination for the professionals for all they need including hassle free, friendly consultancy before making their decision to buy any product. EproAV.com client know that their stories and projects are the most important. We take pride in providing them with all the solutions they need so that they could bring their dreams to reality.

Hejar Berenji
VP-Business Development