Using Subcontractors to Meet Demand

Using Subcontractors

Using Subcontractors

Thanks to our many years of consulting with various companies, we have learned the nuances of  using subcontractors. We’ve been able to help start-up and smaller companies connect with subcontractors, who provide product knowledge and labor resources. Of course, business needs vary. Middle-sized companies may also need product-specific knowledge, but often using subcontractors simply to meet demand.

Why use subcontractors?

Large companies must use subcontractors, for effective backlog management. These organizations typically use electricians for rough-in and trim-out on new installations. They will also use smaller companies, in the same line of business, to meet service demand.

Experience has taught us to always have several subcontractors, with different talents, on hand. A suggested pool would be several for fire and security, several for voice, data, and intercom, and several electrical companies, including union shops.

Once subcontractors have proven dependable and ethical, a joint training program will enable greater efficiencies and will support your strategic plan.

Finally, we need to touch upon compliance. Always ensure subcontractors have applicable state licenses, bearing in mind that many states will fine both the subcontractor and your company, if they aren’t licensed. A best practice that I’ve implemented is to have both companies sign a master agreement and sign project specific addendums to the master.

Also, create a check list, for standard items such as W9, insurance certificate, and a subcontract agreement template.

There are definite advantages to hiring subcontractors, but there are a myriad of details that accompany it. We can help! Ateksis USA has a team of fully licensed sub-contractors in NJ and NY, with nationwide resources, always ready for your call.

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