Sony VPL-CH355 WUXGA BrightEra 3LCD Projector, 1920x1200, 4000 Lumens, 16:10 Aspect Ratio, 12W Speaker, 250W Type Lamp, HDMI/USB/HDBaseT

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About Sony VPL-CH355

A great fit for mid-size to large classrooms and meeting rooms when cost is critical
VPL-CH300 Series data projectors deliver an outstanding brightness of up to 5000 lumens and ultra high-quality images with WUXGA resolution. Sony's 3LCD BrightEra panel technology provides higher picture quality, substantially brighter images, higher efficiency, consistent color stability and longer durability. In addition, this series delivers installation flexibility, environment-friendly features and a low total cost of ownership, in a stylish design that blends into any decor. The fine lens shift/zoom capability and the image correction features easily allow users to fit any image onto the screen, even from an offset projection angle. These projectors allow simple connectivity using an HDBaseT digital interface multi-signal transmission system. This provides a single-cable, cost-effective, long-distance and high-quality digital transmission solution. Additionally, these projectors are economically designed for optimum energy efficiency, thanks to energy saving features and have all the capabilities and functionality that you would expect from Sony, particularly in terms of installation, projection, usability and maintenance.

High Image Quality

High-resolution WUXGA Image
The VPL-CH300 Series delivers an amazing resolution of WUXGA (1920 x 1200), which exceeds Full-HD resolution (1920 x 1080). It also allows projection in a wider display range. More information can be displayed on screen, so the user can see the whole page without scrolling. Extremely clear and detailed high-quality images are projected, even on a large screen and native Full-HD images can be projected full screen. The ground-breaking VPL-CH300 Series offers the ultimate solution for projecting images in a range of applications requiring exceptional detail.

3 LCD BrightEra Optical System Create WUXGA 5,000 lm High Brightness (This model has 4000lm Brightness) and Vivid Color Image
Thanks to the optical system continuously projecting three basic colors, each projector offers excellent light efficiency and this, ensures colorful and bright images. Sony's BrightEra panels deliver improved panel light resistance, higher resolution, high brightness and increased panel reliability. High color reproducibility is important especially when projecting colorful content, such as materials typically used in classrooms.

High-resolution Lens
The VPL-CH300 Series incorporates a high-resolution lens known as the Advanced Crisp Focus (ACF) lens. Its large diameter and fine pitch ensure crisp pictures.

Installation Advantages

Fine Lens Shift
The lens shift function allows image position to be easily fine-tuned vertically or horizontally.

Advanced Geometric Correction
Each corner can be grabbed and fitted squarely to the desired position. This feature is useful when offset projection is necessary.

Blend-in Design
VPL-CH300 Series projectors come in white and have a simple, stylish design that fits any modern environment. A flat top surface enables unobtrusive ceiling mounting.

Simple Installation by HDBaseT
HDBaseT is a multi-signal transmission system via a single cable, which simplifies the installation task. It cuts total system cost by reducing not just cabling requirements but also the number of signal extenders and receiver boxes. One Cat5e/6 cable can run up to 100 meters, reducing the number of cable runs and eliminating the need for signal extenders. And fewer signal extenders and receiver boxes mean fewer potential points of failure. In addition, Cat5e/6 cables are much easier to terminate than cables such as HDMI and therefore can be simply and quickly terminated even onsite during the installation process.

Vertical/Horizontal Keystone Distortion
With these projectors, keystone distortion of vertically up to +/- 30 degrees and horizontally up to +/- 20 degrees can be digitally corrected via the on-screen operation menu and/or the Remote Commander unit. This enables detailed images to be projected with their correct geometry, even when installation space is limited.

Good TCO, Energy-efficient Design

Energy Efficient with Long-lasting Lamp
By incorporating a high-performance lamp and advanced lamp-control technology, Sony's projectors deliver an extremely long lamp replacement time.

Synchronized Maintenance
The lamp and dust filters require the same maintenance interval. Synchronizing the timing of lamp and filter maintenance enables users to reduce the numbers of maintenance 'ladder climbs'.

Auto Power Saving Function

Auto Mode (Auto Brightness Adjustment Function)
The brightness of the lamps output is automatically adjusted depending on the brightness of the projected image, to avoid unnecessary power consumption. When showing darker images that do not require high brightness, lamp output decreases.

VPL-CH300 Series projectors can temporarily disable video signal output. This function is easily operated with just the touch of a button on the supplied Remote Commander unit. In addition, this function allows blank image projection with low power consumption using lamp control technology.

Lamp Dimming function
These projectors are equipped with a lamp dimming function. After 10 seconds of a static signal feed, the lamp dims by approximately 15% which is hardly noticeable. If one of these projectors is left powered on when not in use, after a set period of time, it automatically detects no change of signal input and will dim the lamp to as low as approximately 30% of original brightness to significantly reduce energy consumption.

With a single push of the ECO MODE key on either the projector or the supplied Remote Commander unit, users can select an energy-saving setting from the ECO Mode menu.

Ease of Use

Network Presentation (LAN)
When one of these projectors is installed on a LAN, presentations can be projected from any PC and Mac on the network. A tablet or smart phone can also be connected at the same time. Users can project jpg, pdf and other supported formats. Up to four users can project PC / Mac images simultaneously, while up to eight users can connect to one projector.

Wireless Presentation Software
For MS Windows / Mac OS: Projector Station for Network Presentation For iOS / Android OS: VueMagi

Remote Control for iPhone / iPad
Projector Remote is a simple remote control application for Sony's projectors. Networked projectors can be controlled by this remote application and remote control allows users to operate the projector using simple and easy-to-read buttons.

USB Display
These projectors allow users to display pictures and audio with just one USB cable. There's no need to install any driver for this function. This is a convenient and very easy way to connect to the projector.

Closed Captioning
Official teletext broadcasting, developed by the NCI,USA.

Network and Control
Controls and monitors projector status Compatible with various control systems.

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